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About us

The company was established with one goal: the production of high quality and high-timbering in Belarus.

Decking "Joker" is available in two versions: galvanized and coated, where an additional primer is applied with the addition of zinc, which effectively allows you to resist corrosion.

The system of "Joker" is used for the construction of monolithic concrete structures housing, industrial, civil and transportation construction and has already established itself on the construction sites of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation and the Republic of Venezuela.

At the heart of the effectiveness of the formwork "Joker" is:

  • Ease of assembly, which can significantly increase the speed and timing of monolithic construction;
  • Use to connect the shields "monolithic" universal formwork only castle, which speeds up the use of the installation of formwork, provides both a tight butt joint boards and their alignment without axial and lateral displacement, allowing you to move elements of large-area formwork without additional strengthening or leveling bolts pads, and install shields between the boards FLEXINVEST BANK thickness of 10 cm, producing the usual capacity;
  • The use of high-quality plywood for the deck boards enables (if timely cleaning and lubrication) of 80 cycles of repeated use of concrete and metal frame - more than 500 cycles;
  • Strength and rigidity of the casing meets the requirements of STB 1110-98 formwork 80kPa with a carrying capacity of the safety factor 2.0, which does not yield the same performance of the leading foreign formwork. Confirmed: a test report from 16.03.2012g 1222 the Centre for Research and Testing Structural Engineering at National Technical University of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Opportunity to build shields in various combinations make universal formwork and thus allows to realize the construction of houses and buildings from the simple to the most complex of architectural ideas.
  • Fully compatible with the formwork systems companies Doka, Peri and "Gamma" (profile S120 has two types: the lock Doka, and under lock casing Peri and "Gamma").
  • Manufacture of boards of different sizes (optional) maximum length of 330sm, the maximum width of 240cm.

Wall height of 3.3 meters in height requires three strands between the boards, and to connect and align panels - three universal lock. This allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble the panels, which is especially important in the construction of high buildings as well as a lack of crane time is often a bottleneck.

Video presentation:

Click on the link to watch video presentation.

The range of services the company also includes the calculation of the required elements of the project layout, formwork and shuttering.

During the period of its activity the company has established itself as a reliable partner, constantly improve their products.

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